Five Reasons Why I Love The Fall

Autumn is hands down the best season. The leaves on campus change pretty much before the rest of the city, making for a Glendon Campus that’s truly at its height when it comes to its famous beauty. Along with the sentimental nature feelings I have that make me love the Fall, here are four more reasons why Fall is the best season of them all. (Note: fellow eAmbassador Nick totally beat me to the punch on a blog post about Fall and Fall on campus so go read his awesome post here.)

1. Sweater Weather Is Better Weather: 

As this adorable sign says, sweater weather is better weather and the cooler temperatures Fall brings mark the perfect opportunity to bust out that new (Glendon) sweater. (Side note on the creepy picture of me wearing my Glendon sweater: I took that in my dorm room in first year when I just bought my sweater and took the photo to show my mother. I was super stoked!)

2. The Vast Array of Pumpkin Flavoured Things:

Seriously. The end of September hits and all of a sudden pumpkin flavoured everything starts popping up and I for one am not complaining. Whether it’s the pumpkin spice muffins from Tim Horton’s, the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (a classic) or my favourite, the pumpkin chai tea from David’s Tea, pumpkin flavouring is essential to Fall.

3. Nature! 

Picture I took while waiting for the good ol’ 11 bus (making the wait a little better)

As mentioned, with the foliage, the smell, and the cooling weather, the Fall makes for a lot of beauty nature wise and if you don’t get to escape up north to wear the colours really shine, Glendon can feel like your own little getaway under its canopy of colours.

4. Television Shows

Homework? What’s that…? It undoubtably is hard to get back in the swing of things (ie. doing homework) when your favourite television shows make their return. Probably what’s worse though is getting addicted to a new show just as readings are starting to pile up – I recently fell in love with Downton Abbey and there’s no stopping me.

5. Halloween 

When you’re a kid, halloween is the greatest day of all time. You get to dress up in ridiculous costumes and parade around school and your neighbourhood all while getting free candy. At some point (high school), you begin to think you’re too “cool” or too “old” to dress up for halloween but oh how that changes!  Halloween at university is pretty much the highlight of the whole year for a lot of people. From crazy costumes to halloween pub nights, to general decorations, university proves that there’s no age limit on halloween fun. Check out the Facebook event for this year’s Halloween pub night.

One of my favourite songs “Fall” songs: “Yer Fall” – Hey Rosetta! 


4 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why I Love The Fall

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